My Favorite Blogs to Pass a Day Away

I have talked about some of my guilty pleasures. Chocolate, Panera, Pinterest (but who doesn’t) and lastly I love to kill time by reading other peoples blogs. Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite blogs to pass a day away.

Saturday mornings is my time to bake and then while I am baking I usually take time to pour over my favorite blogs. These blogs all have different niches but they pulled me in nonetheless. Some I have been reading for over a year now and others are relatively new.

To start with I go to Erica is a mamma of two who shares her life as a military wife. Saturday’s are special because she shares a new blog every single Saturday. This is a great way to find new blogs. Can I blame her for my growing addiction? :). It’s one of my favorite posts that she writes.

Next up I head over to Elif is my go to girl when it comes to the latest fashions. I love reading her Stitch Fix reviews, but she has so much more. If you can’t decide what is in or what to wear, head to her blog to help you. You won’t be sorry.

The next blogger is hilarious! This was the very first blog that I started following. Erin is the blogger behind She is a lifestyle blogger who focuses on fashion. The reason I go to her blog isn’t necessarily for the fashion advice (which is awesome) but it is for the funny posts that she writes. Erin has a way of telling a story. She is a pick me up whenever I am having a bad day. I read some of her funny antidotes about life and immediately feel a thousand times better.

The last blogger that I want to share is a food blogger. WHAT!!! A food blogger following a food blog! Yup! And I am not afraid to admit it. For drool worthy pictures I go to Marilyn is the blogger that I wish I could knock on her door and invite myself over for supper:) Is that allowed?

Sometimes I find myself leaning towards the screen almost like I am going to lick the screen. I don’t but no promises.

And that is the short list of my favorite blogs. Sometime maybe I can sit down and give you the whole list. But for now with three boys and a limited amount of time to myself these are the blogs that I have to read every week.

Fine, okay sometimes I read them daily. And belong to their newsletters because hey it’s easier to know when new posts are on their blog.

What are some of your favorite blogs to read?






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