Fifth Month of Blogging

Happy Friday :). And with this Friday comes another month gone by with my blog. Each month I have learned something blogging and in one word this month I can say I have learned persistence.

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August I had many set backs. We took a vacation, my computer broke and my boys started school. Out of all the months I have been blogging I would say this month I felt discouraged. For the first time. My friend Kelly says that when you feel discouraged it means you are doing something right. Because the devil is trying to get to you :). So I kept this in the back of my mind the entire month just to get me through this discouragement.

And you know it worked. Every day that I would think I am done with blogging something would happen to change my mind. In a good way. Whether it was starting to be part of a link party or having the most visitors in one day.

Things I am loving my fifth month of blogging

I am part of a link party. Yeah! Love it because I have been meeting so many great bloggers. Want to check out the link party go to Syncopated Mama to link up. You can also check back here every Thursday evening.

I got my first request for a sponsored post. We will see how it turns out. But they contacted me so that is a very good sign. Even if this one doesn’t work out, I am making progress.


Pinterest-I am still working on this and it shows. I would say over half of my traffic is coming from Pinterest.

One last thing…

I am going to keep the word persistence in my mind this next month. And remember that I really do enjoy doing this. Even when life gets in the way.

Things that need improvement my fifth month of blogging

Sticking to my calendar. This last month I did not use it at all. I think that is a reason why the posts went down this month. Along with having life happen I didn’t have my posts planned and couldn’t bring myself to decide on what to post. I will not let this happen again. I already have September planned out for the entire month.

Budget-I have decided that Stitch Fix needs an unlimited amount in it’s budget line, ha!

Things I need to work on for my next month of blogging

I really wanted to have a giveaway this last month. It didn’t happen so I am hoping that a giveaway will take place this month.

Appreciating that every month I will not hit it out of the park. Or every post will not be a success. I had a new time visitor high one day this month. It doubled from the previous one that I had. And it was on a post that I wasn’t even sure anybody would like :). You can read it here.

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, until next time………