Fourth Month of Blogging

Is it Monday?  Yes, I know today should be another recipe.  The last week has been crazy.  Urban and I finally got away for a couples only long weekend.  This hasn’t happened in three years!  That is right three years since we took a vacation.  After getting home yesterday I knew this post was already a couple of days overdue so instead of putting it off longer I figured I would post it today.  How was my fourth month of blogging?

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It flew by.  I took a video class so I can start posting videos of how to create some of these yummy recipes that I have been sharing.  My boys are constantly taking over my recipes or telling me what recipe to share.  Which I love 🙂  Their favorite this past month was the homemade ice cream cones.  You can check it out here.  The most clicked on link was this.

I changed some things around in my fourth month of blogging.  I started using Tailwind and phased out Boardbooster.  After using Tailwind for one week my traffic tripled!  Okay really I don’t get that much traffic BUT still it tripled.

Things I am loving my fourth month of blogging

I finally have a very set routine.  Routines are my jam 🙂  Along with lists and all the other boring things that go with this!  It makes life easier.

I took time off of blogging 🙂  My traffic tripled so I decided to take time off.  Crazy right?  But I needed a break.  Urban and me finally got away to the big lake (Lake of the Ozarks) and had four wonderful adults only weekend.  Look at the picture, can you tell who the designated driver was for the day, ha!  
fourth month of blogging


My calendar – still using the same calendar.

Video classes-I found an awesome class from Food Blogger Pro.  It was three weeks long and took you through how to make those amazing food videos that you see everywhere.

Pinterest-I have upped my game on this site.  It has really paid off.  It comes from using Tailwind.  I am posting twenty times a day and I have seen an amazing difference in my traffic.

Link parties-This is another area where I have stepped up my game.  Instead of one or two a day.  I am linking to sometimes ten different parties a day.  This just happened last week I will let you know if I see a difference in traffic.

One last thing…

I can’t get enough of blogging.  It is addictive!  Not only to write on my blog but to read other people’s blog.  I have found a new hobby I believe.  It’s reading other people’s blogs.

Things that need improvement my fourth month of blogging

Site speed-it’s not terrible but it’s not good either.  It needs to be in the budget to get this fixed.  Wait………

Budget-I need to set up a budget 🙂

Things I need to work on for my next month of blogging

I said last month that getting more organized would be reoccurring, but I think I got the hang of it now.  It took four months to get it together.  Just too many pieces being moved at once.

A give away.  I really wanted to have a giveaway in July.  The month got away from me and it didn’t happen.  So now I am planning a giveaway the end of August.  With all the mamma’s spending all their money on kiddos going back to school I think it would be fun to have a giveaway so they can splurge on themselves.


Appreciating how far I have come from my first post.  You can read it here.  Every time I compare myself to other bloggers I need to go back to this post and realize how far I have come in the four months that I have been blogging 🙂

Taking more pictures!  This post only has one picture!!!!

Have a wonderful week, until next time………