Men’s Stitch Fix Review #1

Men’s Stitch Fix Review #1

Woot, woot!  Today I am so excited I get to share with you a men’s Stitch Fix Review 🙂  Let me tell you how this all went down!  I surprised Urban with a Stitch Fix box for Father’s Day.  Yes, he got it early but I wanted him to wear the clothes when we go out for Father’s Day.

After opening the box, I asked really nicely if I could take pictures and share the pictures on my blog.  His face was priceless.  Let me tell you about Urban.  He is a contractor in the construction field who thinks every meal should be meat and potatoes.  He is not the guy that is going to pose for pictures.  Which makes today even more fun and exciting for me.  Because he said YES!!

First things first.

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What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is the first fashion retailer to blend expert styling, proprietary technology and unique product to deliver a shopping experience that is truly personalized for you. Simply fill out the Stitch Fix Style Profile and their personal stylists will handpick a selection of five clothing items and accessories unique to your taste, budget and lifestyle. You can buy what you like and return the rest (shipping is free both ways).

How does Stitch fix Work?

Begin by filling out the Style Profile. This helps Stitch Fix understand your size, style, shape, budget and lifestyle. Completing your Profile should only take about 10-15 minutes.  Select a delivery date from the calendar. It takes about a week if you want something last minute.

At the time your Stylist selects your items, you will be charged a $20 styling fee. That $20 will be applied as a credit toward anything you keep from your shipment.  Try everything on in the comfort of your home.  Buy what you like and return the rest.

The great thing about Stitch Fix is that they have something for practically everybody.  From women’s to men’s and even maternity clothes.

Time for our photo shoot 🙂

What Urban got in his Stitch Fix Box….

mens stitch fix review


Flag & Anthem Dover One Pocket Poplin Shirt

Threads 4 Thought Baseline Triblend V-Neck Tee

Alesbury Two Pocket Chambray Short Sleeve Shirt

Threads 4 Thought Baseline Triblend Crew Tee

Hawker Rye Essential Wash Chino Short

Hawker Rye Essential Wash Chino Short and Baseline Triblend V-Neck Tee

mens stitch fix review

The first thing we noticed about this outfit was how short the shorts are.  If your guy likes his shorts to his knees these aren’t the shorts to you.  Besides that they were awesome.  They are shown in a size 33 and they fit true to size.

I took a butt shot 🙂  So you could see the back how they fit, but I figured that would be taking it too far, hehe. I want to be able to do another one these reviews.

The shirt is purple.  But not a bright in your face purple.  The shirt is very soft.  Urban said it was very comfortable.  He wasn’t sold on either of these pieces though.  So back they went.

Alesbury Two Pocket Chambray Short Sleeve Shirt

mens stitch fix review

Urban doesn’t have anything like this in his closet.  He kept the Hawker Rye shorts on and the purple Threads 4 Thought t-shirt underneath it for a more casual look.  I was sold on this shirt as soon as he put it on.  It looked good and it was the perfect length so you could tuck it in or leave it out.  FYI Urban is 6′ and the shirt is a large.  Unfortunately he didn’t care for it 🙁  Sniff, sniff.  So back this shirt went.

Threads 4 Thought Baseline Triblend Crew Tee

mens stitch fix review

Gosh he is a cutie 🙂  Look at those dimples lol  He has passed those on to all three of our boys!

This shirt is the same brand as the purple one but the collar is a crew instead of a v-neck.  We both loved this shirt immediately.  He put it on and that was it.  I think if the purple tee had been a crew neck he would have kept that as well.  This shirt just seemed like it fit better?

Flag & Anthem Dover One Pocket Poplin Shirt

mens stitch fix review

The best for last 🙂  This shirt was a winner as well.  It was the perfect fit.  Could be tucked in or left out.  I also like the fact that he could wear it with the crew tee underneath it.

Urban liked this shirt as well 🙂  I mean his opinion matters right?  Ha!

In the end Urban kept two items from his fix.  We are taking a vacation next month and these two pieces will be the first two items to go in the suitcase.  Honestly he will probably end up wearing the crew tee there.  He really was a cutie in it!

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Do you think he kept the right pieces?

What do you think of the shorts?  Were they too short?

As always if you would like to try out Stitch Fix you can click here.

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2 thoughts on “Men’s Stitch Fix Review #1”

  • I was so excited to see this post! I want to give Stitch Fix for Men a shot as well! Glad there were a couple items he liked.

    • We love it. Urban hates to shop. He goes to the farm store (lol) to get his pants/shorts for work and then his shirts are his logo for his business. So having Stitch Fix deliver clothes to his door step works. Plus so far with his fixes the sizes are so true to size that he could keep every box if it was only based on size and not his personal taste.

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