Planter Boxes DIY

Planter Boxes DIY

Last week I decided to write a post about building window boxes.  I have always wanted window boxes on the front of my house.  Some how between last week and this morning my window boxes became planter boxes.  Which pretty much is just another day in my life.  How did this happen?  I got Urban involved 🙂  Or I should say Urban got himself involved.  Can you relate?

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So last week I went to Home Depot and purchased the composite boards to make window boxes.  If you have read my scrabble tile DIY project you will know I am a fan of Home Depot cutting the boards for you.  The guy that usually cuts my boards wasn’t there so I left my instructions with a new guy and went on my way to get other items I needed for our house.  When I came back  he had cut the boards wrong.  Home Depot being the great company they are gave me the extra boards.  FOR FREE!

Window Boxes to Planter Boxes

When my husband saw the extra boards he decided instead of window boxes we should build planter boxes.  lol  If you read my blog you know that we built a new house last year so this is the first year that we will have a full garden.  Urban had the idea instead of planting strawberries in the ground we should build a planter for them.

planter boxes

I liked his idea but what about my window boxes that I had fantasized about for years now.  Read on I get those too!  My hubby was in a very good mood this weekend.

For the planter boxes we used composite boards.  We both agree that the less maintenance there is the better.  Building these once was enough for me.  Urban also decided to build a two tier box.  We had plenty of scrap to make this happen.


The materials you will need (we used composite boards for this project)

2-54″ boards for bottom box

2-36″ boards for bottom box

2-33″ boards to hold smaller box

2-17″ boards for smaller box

2-34″ boards for smaller box


Drill-we prefer the Ridgid brand (Notice all the Ridgid tools in the background)  Spoiled I tell you.  Those are not mine!

Time to build your planter boxes

planter boxes

We laid the boxes out on the concrete first.  This helped keep the boards level for when you attach them to each other.  You will use the 54″ and 36″ boards for this step.  Use three screws on each corner.

Repeat this step for the smaller box.  Use the 17″ and 34″ boards.

planter boxes

It never hurts to have extra help 🙂

planter boxes

Once you get the dirt in the bottom box, insert your boards into the dirt.  This is the 33″ boards.  Then position the second box on top.  I didn’t get a picture of this because it took two people.  After you get the box positioned you can fill it with dirt as well.

Plant your strawberries or whatever plant you decide on.

Planter boxes not window boxes?

Like I said, I got those too!  While we was in Home Depot over the weekend Urban found these and liked the color of them better.  Unfortunately they are not composite so we will see how long they hold up.

One more picture just in case you needed an extra Expresso fix lol  Notice my sons new clothes.  When we was watering the strawberries he fell in the mud.

So what do you think?  I did not get enough strawberries so back to Home Depot I go.  The problem is getting the strawberries and coming straight back out without purchasing anything else.  Does anybody else have this problem?