Second Month of Blogging

Second Month of Blogging


Hello, is anybody there?  I know there is a handful of you listening.  My second month of blogging is fast approaching.  With the holiday this weekend I wanted to write this post before May got away from me.  If I could describe my first month of blogging in one word it would be fun.  If I could describe my second month of blogging it would be overwhelming.

second month of blogging

It has went from fun to more structured.  Which is great I was hoping for this.  It isn’t as crazy.  I have found a routine and am quickly learning what works and what doesn’t.  Thank you google analytics.  The biggest change this month was finding a voice.  From this point forward I will not be writing about DIY as much.  Nobody reads them, too bad I enjoy writing them. The biggest surprise is how much my recipes get read.  I love to bake and the fact that I am going to focus more on that is exciting for me.  Not so much for Urban.  hehe He says this is not going to help his waistline.  🙂

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Just like last month I have learned plenty.  Some of it good and some of it not so good.  Like I said before the DIY section of my blog does not get read that much, umm.  I sure enjoy all the catastrophes that go along with those posts so I won’t be doing away with them.  My plan is to space them out more.  This next month I am going to attempt building shelves for our garage 🙂  Can’t wait!  Last thought on this, I will only be posting twice a week.  I have other areas of my site that I need to work on and this will allow me time for that.

Things I am loving my second month of blogging

Spending more time with my boys.  This month wasn’t as crazy in the evenings.  I was able to work on posts and be social and still have time.  There isn’t as much research and reading that I am doing everyday.  Which means more play time.  (No we didn’t get rid of Expresso she was playing somewhere else)

second month of blogging

My calendar – still using the same calendar.  I thought about going digital but can’t see it working as well.  I thought for sure my calendar was less “crazy lady” this month.  After looking at a side by side comparison.  Not so sure.  Click here to see what keeps my sanity in tact.

Rafflecopter-had my first giveaway.  I think I was more excited than the winner.  I found myself checking just to see how many entries there was.  Like I had a chance to win.

Instagram-Love, love, love Instagram.  I am addicted.  It might because no words are required.  Take a picture and post.  Planoly is helping me with posting all of the pictures.

Collaborating-I got an opportunity to be featured on another blogger’s website.  This was the highlight of the month for me.  You can read the article here.  It was exciting in two ways.  Being featured was awesome, but I am also a reader of Erica’s on Whimsical September.  So to be featured on a blog that you already have a connection with was a doubly exciting for me.  If you haven’t been to her blog stop by.  I find myself popping over to her blog a couple of times a week just to catch up with her.

Crowdfire-I am still in the trail period of this so it’s free.  I like how it manages my Twitter account for me.  Makes me seem a lot more social then I am.

One last thing…

With this month behind me I am remembering what it was like when I was growing up and I either had a book in my hand or a pencil and paper writing something.  Whoever suggested business school for me….. I would love to punch you 🙂  Not really……

I was listening to a podcast this morning and they said you can’t regret your past because it has offered life lessons to get you where you are today.  Food for thought, it better be sweet!

Things that need improvement my second month of blogging

Site speed-ugh.  I am ranking 68/100.  One of the reasons I will only be writing twice a week is to focus heavily on this for my third month.

Opt-ins-Anybody have any thoughts on opt in forms.  I have heard great things about Thrive Themes?? Thoughts?

Milotree -Remember last month when I thought Milo was lost.  He’s not, but nobody is clicking on it either.

Link Parties-I am still looking for new ones but I have a solid list that I link to every week.


Things I need to work on for my next month of blogging

Pinjunkie – I have found a couple of boards to join.  But would like more.

Tribe- I have a couple of Tribes.  My favorite is the Stitch Fix one.  I think it is just so I can look at pictures of clothes.

Collaborating more.  I have another collaboration that I will be featuring on my blog the beginning of June.  I can’t wait to be on the flip side of this.

Get more organized.  I believe this will be reoccurring every month.

Budget!!!  Please comment on this.  What is a good monthly budget?  I was thinking $50 to $100?  Is that too much or too little for a new blog.  I don’t want to spend money foolishly but at the same time I don’t want to hurt myself by not spending money where it could be beneficial to my site which I have worked very hard on.

Last thought.  Last month I had a fellow blogger add a link to tips on blogging.  I know this isn’t normal practice but if you are a blogger and have tips please feel free to leave one HELPFUL link to all of us newbie bloggers.

Have a wonderful weekend, until next time………