Stitch Fix Review for June 2017

Stitch Fix Review for June 2017

How was everybody’s week? Mine flew by! If you follow me on Instagram you saw that we got a new kitten. She is doing good. The boys named her Shadow. She is acclimating very well to three boys constantly loving up on her. I am sure she will pop up in my pictures now as well as Expresso. Never a dull moment in our house. I am sure you are very busy so I will get on with my Stitch Fix Review.

Want to see me open the box for the first time? Watch a short video on my instagram account here that will be live this weekend

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What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is the first fashion retailer to blend expert styling, proprietary technology and unique product to deliver a shopping experience that is truly personalized for you. Simply fill out the Stitch Fix Style Profile and their personal stylists will handpick a selection of five clothing items and accessories unique to your taste, budget and lifestyle. You can buy what you like and return the rest (shipping is free both ways).

How does Stitch fix Work?

Begin by filling out the Style Profile. This helps Stitch Fix understand your size, style, shape, budget and lifestyle. Completing your Profile should only take about 10-15 minutes. Select a delivery date from the calendar. It takes about a week if you want something last minute.

At the time your Stylist selects your items, you will be charged a $20 styling fee. That $20 will be applied as a credit toward anything you keep from your shipment. Try everything on in the comfort of your home. Buy what you like and return the rest.

The great thing about Stitch Fix is that they have something for practically everybody. From women’s to men’s and even maternity clothes.

Now that that is out of the way I have to start by telling you that Jennifer was not my stylist this last time 🙁 I was so disappointed, but Blake did a terrific job picking out pieces for me. In fact I would have kept the entire box if it hadn’t been for the price points of the clothes. That darn budget!

What was in my Stitch Fix Box?

Lucky Brand Aviee Lace Up Flat ($69)

Collective Concepts Krissa Keyhold Halter Blouse ($54)

Papermoon Makai Halter Swing Knit Tank Top ($44)

Pistola Briar Distressed Frayed Step Hem Skinny Jean ($88)

Renee C Eliza Knit Maxi Dress ($74)

Since I mentioned the price was the reason I didn’t keep most of the clothes I included them with this fix. If you think I should add the prices to my reviews from now on let me know. When I get my Stitch Fix box I make sure not to look at the prices first. I read my note from my stylist, see the suggestions on how to style each piece and then after trying them on I look at the price.

I made the mistake of even wearing on of the pieces to a shower before looking at the price. Jennifer spoiled me. She know that the price would be a deal breaker 🙁

First up

Collective Concepts Krissa Keyhold Halter Blouse and the Pistola Briar Distressed Frayed Step Hem Skinny Jean.

stitch fix review june 2017

I loved this top. I wore it without even looking at the price. It was pretty, flowed perfect and was the right length. The price was the only turn off for me. But like I said I wore it so into my closet it went. I want to take some time to talk about these skinny jeans. They fit perfect. I fell in love with them. The amount of distressing was perfect, the length the cut, the fit! I could go on and on. The only problem is that I already have a pair of white skinny jeans. And really I can’t see owning two pair of white jeans. I have three boys, maybe as a back up pair? I have asked Blake to send me another pair in a different color once the weather cools down. Good bye jeans….I will miss you, sob!

The next outfit was actually a top, the same jeans because I didn’t want to take them off and a cute pair of flats.

Lucky Brand Aviee Lace Up Flat and the Papermoon Makai Halter Swing Knit Tank Top

stitch fix review june 2017

This is my eighth fix. After a couple of fixes you learn that there is some brands that fit well. Papermoon is one of those brands. Not only do the clothes fit great but the price is usually within my budget. I liked this top but after trying on the Collective Concepts top I knew this one would have to go back. I couldn’t buy two tops when one was almost $60.00. Like I said I liked it, not loved it. The fit was perfect but I wasn’t sold on the floral print.

The shoes were by Lucky Brand. If you want a close up, visit me on instagram to see a video here. I didn’t take a picture of the shoes because I wasn’t sure how they were suppose to go on. Ha! I guess that means it wasn’t meant for me to own them. Any case they were cute, a pale pink that matched the top perfectly. It would have been a cute outfit but the shoes were waaaaaaayyyyyy out of my price range for a pair of flats.

The last item that I received was a maxi dress.

Renee C Eliza Knit Maxi Dress

stitch fix review

Notice that I am barefoot. I wanted to show you the length of this maxi without shoes on. I am 5’6 and the length of this dress was perfect. The dress was a little big in the chest though. Since I got a new stylist I am not sure if she had the notes where I take a small in dresses. Oh well, I wasn’t in love with this dress so it was easy to send back.

And that is my Stitch Fix Review for June 2017.

How important is the price of clothes to you when shopping?

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