Summer Shorts for 2017

Summer Shorts for 2017

Have you ever noticed when you go to a public place the topic of weather always comes up.  This was the case last week when I made my boys get their hair cut.  The topic of weather came up and then quickly turned to the topic of shorts.

My hairdresser does not wear shorts, I mean never wears shorts no matter the temperature.  She is only 30 something.  I can’t imagine.  She said that it was because she didn’t like the way she looks in shorts.  (she is a cutie patootie btw) Anyhoo, this made me think she probably isn’t the only one, so this is my list of the five pairs of summers shorts for 2017 that you need to have in your closet.

Look I know that there is people out there aka my hairdresser that doesn’t like shorts.  ??? I can’t comprehend.  I love shorts.  From shorty-shorts to city shorts they all have a place in my closet.  Some shorts are for date nights and some are for work.  One word my friends describe me as is a “girly-girl”.  I have my share of skirts and dresses but shorts are definitely my go to for summer. What is the secret to wearing shorts and looking great?


Just like a great pair of jeans has structure your shorts must have this as well.  Structure helps hold everything in place.  After three kids structure is a must in all of my shorts.  How much can you expect to pay for shorts?  It depends, I grabbed a pair of Loft shorts last season for $10, yeah!  I already owned two pairs which I paid $29 for but when they went on the clearance rack I purchased another pair in chambray.

#1  Great pair of all around shorts.

These shorts take you from soccer games, the grocery store to a date night if you dress them correctly.  Like I said earlier I love these Loft shorts.  They come in two lengths 4″ or 6″.  Click on the link to buy a pair today.


#2 Bermuda shorts.

I call these shorts city shorts.  I have four pairs of them.  When the temperatures get above 80 I wear these to work.  They are a knee length short which is great when you are bending over picking up kiddos or going to church.  Yes I wear shorts to church even.  I wear them with a dress top and heels.

#3 A very comfy pair of soft pull on shorts.

I found these shorts when I was pregnant with my third son.  I pretty much lived in them the entire summer.  They can also be purchased in different lengths.  I consider these shorts a trendy short so I only paid $12 for the pair I have.  If you want to wear them to church I pair them with a cardigan and flats.

#4 On trend shorts.

The shorts of the season seem to be a distressed short.  I have not purchased any yet.  I have asked my stylist from Stitch Fix to see if she can find me a pair.  This is THE short that I will be wearing this summer.  Probably– no really I will not be wearing these to church.  But church picnic, maybe.  Just teasing well maybe not.  We will see.

#5 The last pair of summer shorts for 2017 that you should own is skorts.

I know it isn’t really a pair of shorts but I don’t like wearing athletic type shorts.  So how do you get away with it and still look like a put together mamma?  Skorts!  They come in all shapes, lengths and styles.  My friend has a killer pair in grey from Athleta.


And there you have it.  The summer shorts for 2017 that I think should be in your closet or on your shopping list for the summer season ahead of us