Third Month of Blogging

Third Month of Blogging

Welcome Friday! After a very short work week it’s hard for me to believe that Saturday is tomorrow. My third month of blogging is behind me and I wanted to put my thoughts down before I forget them. I look at this post as more of a diary post then anybody actually reading it. With that in mind here are my thoughts, my first month of blogging I described as fun, my second month overwhelming and now with my third month behind me I would describe it as a huge learning experience.

french toast bake not overnight

In my second month I decided to focus more on food and less on DIY. This has been a lot of fun. I love creating recipes and I hope it is conveyed in my posts. Urban loves the new food I’ve been making 🙂 too!

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Just like last month I have learned plenty. Some of it good and some of it not so good. First I did not have one single catastrophe 🙂 Yeah!! No phones dropped in pans etc etc. This month I have finally found blogging friends that I not only love reading their blogs but we throw ideas off of each other. The hardest problem this month is putting my phone down. I have yet to take a day off from blogging and I don’t see it happening in the near future.

It’s too much fun and I enjoy interacting with other bloggers. After being a stay at home mom for six years it really has been fun to reach out and reconnect with other human beings.

Things I am loving my third month of blogging

I have my niche and a great group of bloggers that I communicate with on a regular basis. Not only to build traffic but also to draw ideas from.

I have been spending more time with my boys 🙂

third month of blogging

third month of blogging

My calendar – still using the same calendar. I thought about going digital but can’t see it working as well. My calendar is definately less “crazy lady” but it has way more notes. Click here to see what keeps my sanity in tact.

Podcasts-My favorite is a toss up between Style Collective and Food Blogger Pro. They are fun to listen to but in entirely different ways. How did I not know about podcasts before? is a keyword search. Great suggestions and keywords for SEO purposes.

Google Trends-I actually learned about this through Food Blogger Pro. Under Google Trends you can search a keyword to see how it is trending BUT in the bottom right corner if you hit on trending you can see what is HOT right now related to your keyword. For instance instead of calling one of my posts “cucumber salsa” I called it “crisp cucumber salsa”. This is a hot trending search term right now.

Tailwind-I have been using Crowdfire the past month and at the end of month three I activated a trial period of Tailwind. I have to say that Tailwind knocks the socks off of Crowdfire. I am now using both but Tailwind is definitely changing my Pinterest account way faster than Crowdfire ever did.

DSLR Camera- 🙂 My first grownup camera! I found a cheap one on Ebay that came with the correct lens that I need to take great pictures.

gluten free sweet potato pizza

I have only used it for three posts but can already tell that I am in love!

One last thing…

As I said before this month was a learning month. So much to learn and so little time to do it in. Blogging seems to be a constant work in progress learning curve. With technology changing everyday as soon as I think I have it down another newer and better something comes out.

I also learned that sleeping in a tent for one night, not as terrible as I thought it would be. And if my boys ask yes I will do it again.

third month of blogging

Sorry the picture isn’t that good, took with my iphone.

Things that need improvement my third month of blogging

Site speed-ugh. I have changed some things to help with site speed but I am still ranking terribly. I think in the next couple of months I will have to spend the money for help.

Backdrops-Since I am posting recipes 2 or 3 times a week Urban has not so gently told me he is getting bored with the same backdrop. So hopefully you will see some new backdrops this month.

Traffic-My traffic is very slowly growing. VERY SLOWLY.

Facebook groups-I have shunned away from these. After joining three this month and seeing immediate traffic changes to my site I will have to break down and start spending more time on Facebook.

Things I need to work on for my next month of blogging

Get more organized. Last month I thought this would be reoccurring this month I am sure it will be 🙂

Budget. This is still not ironed out. I have started to spend a little money. I purchased my first camera and signed up for Tailwind. I would also like to do another giveaway this month. They are so much fun!

Using the garden in my posts. I have a huge amount of food and I need to do something with it! Our first cucumbers from our garden. Which inspired the Crisp Cucumber Salsa Post, read it here.

third month of blogging

Last thought. I know this isn’t normal practice but if you are a blogger and have tips please feel free to leave one HELPFUL link to all of us newbie bloggers.

Have a wonderful weekend, until next time………